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Georgian Players are at the Top
The domination of Georgians players to the tournament stands out at both category A and B before the last 3 rounds. IM Bachana Morchiashvili wins versus FM Mert Yılmazyerli at round 5, IM Meilis Annaberdiev at round 6 and getting 5,5 points carries him to first rank. Zurab Javakhadze and David Zarkua whom gets 1,5 points at 2 rounds, are the followers. Therefore, first 7 ranks are shared by the Georgian players.
FM Serkan Yeke, one of the Turkish players, are at the tenth rank in main standings with 4,5 points. FM Mert Yilmazyerli, Necmettin Korkmaz, Deniz Seyhanoglu have 4 points so far.
In category B, Noe Tutisani, Alexandre Embralidze and Ahmet Olcum shares first 3 ranks with 5,5 points at 6 rounds.
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