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Final Round Comes Up
After the Round 8 games, IM Alexandre  Qashashvili makes a surprising result versus strong opponent GM Giorgi Bagaturov. At the table 1 game, IM Bachana Morchiashvili wins against IM Zurab Javakhadze, makes 7 points and stays at the first rank. IM Alexandre  Qashashvili- IM Bachana Morchiashvili game will reveal the champion.
As to the Turkish players, FM Serkan Yeke rised to the 5,5 points by drawing against IM Meilis Annaberdiev and GM Handszar Odeev. FM Mert Yilmazyerli whom wins against Onur Akin and Sedat Zengin, stays at the top of the best Turkish Players ranking with 6 points. Necmettin Korkmaz, Aydin Duman and Engin Topak follows them with 5,5 points.

At category B, Alexandre Ebralidza and Mariam Choladze competes to grab the first rank at the final round. Ozan Cingoz, Ahmet Olcum, Diyap Buyukasik force the first ranks.
The tounament will end tomorrow with the award ceremony and the cocteil at 4.00 P.M. The ceremony will be help at the tournament hall.

5IMG_0399                                      The architect, founder of the tournament, Mr. Kemal Kef breath the tournament atmosphere.

7IMG_0403                                                                       Pairing excitement before the final round.

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